Bo   551   Male Dog
Available 06/04/2017     Location: COCKER SPANIEL ADOPTION CENTER, INC.

Breeds: Cocker Spaniel (purebred)Altered: Yes
Color: Red - White VariedAge: 9 years
Coat: .Tail: Docked
Size: MediumWeight: 28 lbs.
Eyes: .Ears: .


10/30/2017 - UPDATE -
Bo here, again! I am still waiting for my family to find me. I am trying my best to be patient, but it is hard because I want it so much. You know from my earlier updates that I had two cancerous tumors removed and that I may only have about 3 years left, but who really knows!? I am fine now and happy and loved, and that is all that matters. My new family will love everything about me. Everything!!!! Mom says I am sweet, gentle, and that I look into her eyes with deep contentment. I have two foster sibs and I love to play with the 3 year-old. Mom says we are fun to watch. I don't sound sick, do I? Mom also said to tell you that I found my voice. I have a low, delightful bark. And sometimes I yawn and say, "Ahhhh," when I stretch out. I am so entertaining for my people! My mom says to tell you I am an absolute joy. So, here is a message to my possible new family: come find your Bo. I am waiting, and you are missing out on all the fun I can be. Thanks to all the nice people for reading my letter. I really am a lucky boy, and I look forward to all the love I will get from my family and all the love I can give them. I am here waiting. Love you. Your Bo

08/30/2017 - UPDATE -
Hi again, friends. My foster mom said I should write to tell you all about myself since she thinks I am such a fabulous gentleman. Mom says I am a sweet, gentle, and loving lap dog. (Honest, these are her words, not mine.) I am really good for all those things like grooming, nail clipping, and even teeth brushing. I am pretty amazing because not all these things are real popular with most pups! The one thing I am not fond of is the hair dryer near my head. No big deal on that. I do get skittish when there are sudden movements and loud noises. I am fine soon, though. I also get afraid of men I have not met before. I usually hide from them, but when I get to know them I am fine. I do get along really well with other dogs. I love my foster siblings and give them kisses. At the adoption shows I was really excited to meet other pups and people. Other things I love is some people food, the nutritious kinds, of course. I like carrots, pumpkin, and strawberries. Dog treats are pretty wonderful, too. Mom says I love to run, but then I come back to stay with her. I am really good company for my people. I like to hang out on the deck, and I also supervise Mom when she does the gardening. I must say she does a fine job. I don't ever cause any mischief, and I am not much of a barker. I know that I have some health problems, but I promise my new family that they will be so happy they gave me a chance because I will love them to the moon and back. I am a REAL GEM says Mom. I love to cuddle in bed with her, I even put my cute little head on the pillow. So, I am looking for my wonderful new family that will treat me like a treasured boy. I will LOVE my new people and pup siblings. PLEASE give me a chance. Thanks for reading this. Hugs and special kisses - Bo

08/20/2017 - UPDATE -
Hi. My story has taken a sad turn like a country music song. Once I went to the vet and they gave me a much needed grooming, they found 2 lumps on my body. The Doc removed the lumps and sent them out to biopsy. The news was not good. Both lumps turned out to be Stage 2 mast cell tumors. I have an 80% chance to live 3 years. I am hoping for more...there is always a chance. My best pal, Emma, is looking for her own new family. I'm ok with that as long as my new family has a few dogs I can pal around with. I am good at making friends. I now need a new family who can keep me out in high style. I want to run, play, eat, and get all the love I need. I know it will be tough for my new people, but they will be true saints for giving me what I need for as long as I need it. Can you help?

Hello, my name is Bo. My owners had to go into care and could not take me with them so they asked CSAC to help me and my best friend Emma find a new home. Right now, I am in the caring hands of one of the great Vets that work with the CSAC. They are checking me out and making sure I am healthy. I would really like to find a home that could take me and Emma so we can remain together. Hopefully, we will find our new family that will turn us into happy, cherished family pets again. Hope to see you soon.

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The medical and custodial care of the many Cockers in our care is tremendous. More and more dogs are abandoned with urgent and serious medical issues. We are committed to providing the best possible care for these forgotten friends. Unfortunately, the mounting high costs are beginning to limit the number of dogs we are able to take into our program. Even if you cannot adopt or foster one of our current adoptable dogs, please consider making a donation. The Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, and your donations are entirely tax deductible. If you can help, please donate.

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