Rusty   119   Male Dog
Available 04/18/2009     Location: COCKER SPANIEL ADOPTION CENTER, INC.

Breeds: Cocker Spaniel (purebred)Altered: Yes
Color: Red - Buff VariedAge: 10 years
Coat: .Tail: Docked
Size: MediumWeight: 45 lbs.
Eyes: BrownEars: Long


10/02/2017 - UPDATE -
Hi to all my CSAC followers. I am here at my foster home and have enjoyed the summer months and warm weather. I just love my walks in the warm weather. I think the bees that are around in summer are really cool little creatures. I must admit that I sometimes try to eat them! Makes Mom really nervous so she has to keep an eye out if she see the bees around me. Aren't I silly, but I know other pups do the same thing. We are a curious sort, aren't we? Life at my foster home continues to be great, and I am a happy boy. Please keep me in mind when you are looking for a handsome boy. Tell CSAC you want to meet Mr. Rusty. Yours - Rusty

07/26/2016 - UPDATE -
Hi again, friends - I have a great friend from the kennel who said to tell you that I have been a great boy while I have been at the kennel. No trouble at all for this Rusty! I am a smart guy, too, because if I don't like something going on (like getting my feet groomed) I can "trade" my toys in for higher value things like treats. That has helped me with my guarding of my toys and things. Pretty smart guy, huh!?! So, as I make progress, you need to check in with my CSAC friends to find out all the things I am doing well. I just would LOVE SO MUCH to find my forever home. Please remember to ask about me. Thanks so much - Rusty

04/25/2016 - UPDATE -
Hi to all my friends! I am writing a quick letter to tell you how well I am doing lately. I went to an adoption show and was a really good boy. Then I got to play ball with my friends and had so much fun. I just love to play ball and love all my balls and bones. Sometimes I love them a little bit too much and will be unhappy if someone comes near me. I guess I am afraid they will borrow my toys and forget to give it back. My best friend at the kennel is helping to work with me on that. She said I recently found out that I love squeaky toys, too. See, I am learning all the time. My friend says I am super smart. I know sit, give paw, and lay down. I love to go for walks and to be with my people. PLEASE give me a chance. I know the perfect home is waiting for me. I am still waiting and trying my best to be patient. I would love to meet you and show you what a great guy I am. Thanks so much for reading my letter. Love - Rusty

Read updates on Rusty's progress while he was in the HOPE Program.

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Rusty has settled down well in his foster home. He is very friendly with all the people he meets. He still does not get along with other dogs, but is okay seeing dogs on walks - he gets a treat whenever he sees another dog. He gets lonely if left alone and howls. He loves to play with his toys. While we are still careful not to grab toys from his mouth, he is now quite okay with us petting him while he plays. He definitely knows what he likes and does not like. He enjoys his walks, and he enjoys his naps a little more. Sometimes, he purrs slightly when we pet him. To sum it up, he is a sweet (couch) potato. If an adopter is willing to understand and work with him, he will be a wonderful addition to his new family.

2/4/14 - Update from Rusty’s foster mom:
Medically, Rusty has dry eye which requires daily Optimmune and artificial tears daily for life. He is very good about getting the medications in his eye. Regarding behavior, Rusty does not get along with other dogs and cats. He is however playful and likes squeaky toys and balls. Rusty goes to the door when he needs to go outside. He is not food aggressive, but he is toy possessive. He will give the toys up in exchange for other toys or treats. Rusty cannot go to a home with children - he snaps sometimes - it is easy for an adult to avoid aggravating him at those time by watching his body language, but not for kids. He is a sweetheart, but will not tolerate any teasing or rough handling. Rusty barks/whines when left alone, but is fine when he has company. He knows the commands for sit, stay, come, down, roll over, drop it, shake. While on walks, he pulls when he sees other dogs, but otherwise he is good. Sometimes he will go into another room, sit there alone for a while, and then starts howling. He has separation anxiety, and howls/barks continuously, if left alone. He tends to steal food (from trash, counters) and things like toilet paper, clothes - if he is unsupervised. We typically keep these out of his reach. If he does get hold of them, being non-confrontational works best in getting the things back from him (he gets very defensive, but will give the things up if we are gentle with him). He does not like his paws being touched. He loves walks, being brushed and just hanging with his humans. He is big for a cocker spaniel.

The following is from Rusty’s original intake information when he first came to rescue:
Rusty is a 7 year old love bug waiting for his own special adopter. He loves to play outside and go on long walks. Rusty responds very well to several commands and is also crate trained. He is first in line for a hug and a kiss, and will sit with you all evening and watch TV. He is a good watchdog, but is friendly with dogs he meets on his walks and also with their owners.

However, Rusty can be very possessive about his toys, his food, and water. Because of this, we feel strongly that he should not go to a home with small children, and he also should be the only pet in the household.

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The medical and custodial care of the many Cockers in our care is tremendous. More and more dogs are abandoned with urgent and serious medical issues. We are committed to providing the best possible care for these forgotten friends. Unfortunately, the mounting high costs are beginning to limit the number of dogs we are able to take into our program. Even if you cannot adopt or foster one of our current adoptable dogs, please consider making a donation. The Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, and your donations are entirely tax deductible. If you can help, please donate.

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