Lucy   1388   Female Dog
Available 10/23/2018     Location: COCKER SPANIEL ADOPTION CENTER, INC.

Breeds: Cocker Spaniel (purebred)Altered: Yes
Color: Black - White VariedAge: 8 years
Coat: Tail: Docked
Size: MediumWeight: 23 lbs.
Eyes: Ears:



11/13/2018 - UPDATE -
Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Lucy. I must tell you that I am having the best day. See, my super fabulous foster mom took me to a cardiologist appointment this morning because of a possible problem. Hooray, hooray, hooray! I got really great results. My heart is not enlarged, and I don't need medicine. The cardiologist said I have an innocent murmur. Sounds fine to me. Since I was a stray before the CSAC took me in, no one really knew how old I am. The shelter guessed that I am 12 years old. My doctor today thinks I may be around 8 years old. So I am healthy AND young. Cannot beat that!!! I am looking really good now that I got a much-needed grooming. Mom says my coat is velvety soft. She says I feel and look like a million dollar bill. Cool, huh! Mom also says I am as smart as a whip. I know my name, of course, and I can sit and I can put my front paws in the air. Mom LOVES that. She thinks I am so adorable, and she told me to tell you that, so I am not just bragging. I LOVE toys. One of the CSAC volunteers gave me a blue and white stuffed caterpillar that I carry all around my new house. Other good things about me is that I walk very well on the leash and am completely house trained. Not one accident in the house for this smart gal. I go out in my yard or when we are on a walk. Wait to you hear this! I will heel at your side when you are consistent with that. When we get to the corner, Mom says, "wait," and I stop immediately. Mom is amazed with what a good little girl I am. She thinks I will fit in well in most all families. Here at my foster home I get along well with two smaller pups and some cats. Yes, I even like cats. At nighttime I sleep in my comfy bed next to Mom or sometimes in her bed. I love to snuggle with Mom. Actually I love to snuggle any time of the day or night. Mom said to tell you that I really am a gem of a gal. I love it at my foster home, but cannot wait to meet my family. I know I will LOVE them so much and they will love me. I feel so fortunate to the rescue and Mom for getting me all fixed up, giving me yummy food, toys, checking out my loving heart, and giving me so much love. I am eagerly waiting to meet my people. I am so thankful right now and so happy. Please let CSAC know you would like to meet me. You won't be sorry. Hugs, Kisses, and Happy Thanksgiving. Your grateful and loving Lucy

Hi Everyone! My name is Lucy, and I just arrived at CSAC from a shelter. I was found as a stray so my past is a mystery. The CSAC volunteer who transported me says I am very laid back, mellow, quiet and I have a great disposition. Right now, I am in the caring hands of one of the great Vets that work with the CSAC. They are checking me out and making sure I am healthy. I have not been groomed for a long time. I am very matted and I do not smell to good. The CSAC has to take me to specialist to have my heart checked because I do have a murmur. Hopefully, I will find my new family that will turn me into a happy, cherished pet.

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The medical and custodial care of the many Cockers in our care is tremendous. More and more dogs are abandoned with urgent and serious medical issues. We are committed to providing the best possible care for these forgotten friends. Unfortunately, the mounting high costs are beginning to limit the number of dogs we are able to take into our program. Even if you cannot adopt or foster one of our current adoptable dogs, please consider making a donation. The Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, and your donations are entirely tax deductible. If you can help, please donate.

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