Coffee   1390   Female Dog
Available 10/27/2018     Location: COCKER SPANIEL ADOPTION CENTER, INC.

Breeds: Cocker Spaniel (mix)Altered: Yes
Color: Brown VariedAge: 7 years
Coat: Tail: Natural
Size: MediumWeight: 24 lbs.
Eyes: Ears:


12/22/2018 - UPDATE -
Ho, ho, ho, Coffee here! I am checking in from my wonderful foster home. My sweet foster mom says I need to tell you all about wonderful me. Mom says I am SUPER affectionate. I just love everyone I meet. She and I went to a CSAC event the other day. For three hours, I met and greeted people and my little tail wagged the whole time, and I gave a million kisses. I had so very much fun. See, I want my new family so very much. I have so many wonderful things going for me, other than my good looks! Don't I just look terrific since I was groomed. Wow, I feel great, too. I LOVE so many things, like walks, getting petted, playing, chasing birds and squirrels. My foster pup sis and I get along well, and I don't chew up her toys. I love to sleep on the bed with Mom and my sis. There are a few things, though, I am not so fond of like crates. They make me bark. When Mom goes upstairs I bark, too, cause I know she is still home, and I want to be with her. Good news is I never had any accidents in the house. I am a full of energy pup, but then I am a great nap taker, too. I am going with Mom to see an eye doctor about the lens of my right eye. That appointment is soon. SO, there you have it. All the good things you need to know about your friend Coffee. Now you need to ask CSAC to meet me. That is what I am telling Santa, that I want you to find me and take me home by Christmas. I will love my new family so very much and will be so grateful for the chance to fill their life with fun and kisses and everything else that is good. Have to go now. Mom is helping me write my letter to Santa. You already know what I want. Love and lots of holiday kisses - Coffee

Hello, my name is Coffee. My owners went into care. A wonderful social worker asked CSAC to find me a new home so I would not go to a shelter. I do not like being left alone. I like to bark. I am house trained, but I am not fond of crates. Right now, I am in the caring hands of one of the great Vets that work with the CSAC. They are checking me out and making sure I am healthy. I do need to see an ophthalmologist. My left eye has an issue with my lens. Hopefully, I will find my new family that will turn me into a happy, cherished family pet again. Hope to see you soon.

For more information about this dog, email our Adoption Coordinator.

Our adoption process starts with an application. If you are interested in adopting this pup, please click the Adopt menu at the top of the screen, read about our process, and click the application link.

The medical and custodial care of the many Cockers in our care is tremendous. More and more dogs are abandoned with urgent and serious medical issues. We are committed to providing the best possible care for these forgotten friends. Unfortunately, the mounting high costs are beginning to limit the number of dogs we are able to take into our program. Even if you cannot adopt or foster one of our current adoptable dogs, please consider making a donation. The Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, and your donations are entirely tax deductible. If you can help, please donate.

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